Arkansas River Corridor Feasibility Report and Integrated Environmental Assessment

The Feasibility Report is linked above. The individual appendices are listed below for easier downloads. Please click on a section title to view/download.

Appendix A – HEP Analysis

Appendix B – Biological Resources

Appendix C – Cultural Resources

Appendix D – Hazardous, Toxic and Radiologic Waste (HTRW)

Appendix E – Cost Estimate

Appendix F – Cost Effectiveness and Incremental Cost Analysis (CE/ICA)

Appendix G – Civil Engineering

Appendix H – Real Estate

Appendix I – Correspondence

Appendix J – Hydraulics and Hydrology

Appendix K – Geotechnical

Appendix L – Clean Water Act Compliance

Appendix M – ARC 1,000 cfs Test from Keystone Dam

Appendix N – Climate Change Analysis

Errata Sheet