Phase II — Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan

The Master Plan is presented in three files and individual appendices for easier downloads.  Please click on section title to download.

Arkansas River Masterplan 0.0 through 8.0

Arkansas River Masterplan 8.1 through 8.11

Arkansas River Masterplan 9.0 through 13.0

Appendix A – Phase I – Vision Plan

Appendix B – Solicitation Letters and Responses

Appendix C – Report on Cultural Resources Literature Search

Appendix D – Ecological Opportunities & Constraints Report

Appendix E – Phase II Report on Hydrology, Hydraulics, & Low Water Dams

Appendix F – Report with Environmental Data Maps

Appendix F Map

Appendix G – Media Releases & Media Outlets Contacted

Appendix H – January Public Meeting Presentation (2005)

Appendix I – June Public Meeting Presentation (2005)