Phase II — Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan

The Master Plan is presented in three files and individual appendices for easier downloads. Please click on section title to view/download.

Arkansas River Masterplan 0.0 through 8.0

Arkansas River Masterplan 8.1 through 8.11

Arkansas River Masterplan 9.0 through 13.0

Appendix A – Phase I – Vision Plan

Appendix B – Solicitation Letters and Responses

Appendix C – Report on Cultural Resources Literature Search

Appendix D – Ecological Opportunities & Constraints Report

Appendix E – Phase II Report on Hydrology, Hydraulics, & Low Water Dams

Appendix F – Report with Environmental Data Maps

Appendix F Map

Appendix G – Media Releases & Media Outlets Contacted

Appendix H – January Public Meeting Presentation (2005)

Appendix I – June Public Meeting Presentation (2005)